The small photo book to fit any handbag
The small photo book to fit any handbag
  • the Pixum Photo Book mini fits any handbag
  • Pixum quality at an affordable price
  • make yours in the software or directly online
The small photo book for any handbag
The small photo book for any handbag

Create your individual photo book in mini format, which you can always carry with you. Get creative directly in the Photo World software, in the online editor or on the go with the Pixum Photo World app.

A photo book in a handbag size

Wouldn't grandma and grandpa like to have their grandchildren always with them to proudly show the offsprings to everyone? We have the perfect gift idea for all proud grandparents, but also your friends & family - a mini Pixum Photo Book in a handbag size you always have your best snapshots with you!

A photo book in handbag size - perfect for on the go

With a mini photo book in a comfortable size that fits your handbag, you can fulfil this wish of your grandparents.

  • choose either the square photo book in 14 x 13 cm format, which you can easily roll up thanks to the flexible cover
  • another option is a 11 x 15 cm landscape mini book with softcover (glossy paperback)
  • or the 19 x 15 cm landscape photo book with a solid cover, which thanks to its robustness is made to be kept in the handbag as well
  • for your social media photo collection, choose the Pixum Snapshot Photo Book for only ¤ 14,99, where you can showcase your most beautiful memories compactly and creatively on 22 pages in the trendy square size

Now, the grandparents always have up-to-date photos of their grandchildren at hand and can report on their careers.

Designing a mini photo book

Design your mini photo book either via the Pixum online editor or in the Pixum Photo World software. It's very easy and only takes a few minutes. Here is how you make one:

  • open the selected design tool (online editor, software or app)
  • configure the photo book based on format, paper type and cover
  • add photos from your hard disk to the book pages
  • try different layouts to bring some variety into the game
  • edit images if desired (e.g., red-eye correction, brightness, contrast, sepia tint)
  • tell the story by adding some text
  • save the draft and add it to the basket

To simplify the process, just add one photo per page - it will automatically appear in the matching size.

Design your mini book now >>

Pixum tip

For a particularly beautiful mini photo book, use the cliparts and frames in the Pixum Photo World software to set highlights in your story!

Mini photo book: your most beautiful memories always there at hand

Feel inspired by our mini photo book idea and keen to start with your own artwork right away? Design your Pixum Photo Book mini directly online!

Why using the Pixum Photo World software?

We at Pixum, usually use the Pixum Photo World software to design our photo books. There are several reasons for this:

Design Options: the Pixum Photo World software offers you numerous additional design tools compared to the Online Designer. Creating a professionally-looking photo book is sheer fun! Here are some of the exclusive editing options available in the software:

  • thousands of professionally designed cliparts, masks and frames
  • multiple image editing options, including distortion effects and colour adjusting
  • maps with adjustable map section and markings of visited places with pins or routes
  • an option to add videos (QR codes to be scanned from the printed copy)
  • coloured photo frames
  • digital image optimization
  • flexible page layouts carefully sorted by categories
  • professionally designed styles for a photo book - simply add the photos and you're done
  • free-standing cut tool
  • import photos from social media like Facebook or Google Fotos

New Products: find brand-new products and features that are not available online or on the app, yet. For example, the high-quality gold, silver or clear foil highlights to embellish your book cover.

Photo Book Assistant: the Photo Book Assistant of the software offers you more detailed settings than the online version, which brings the project even closer to your wishes. You can then edit the draft as you wish.

Available Offline: in comparison to the online editor, the Pixum Photo World software can be operated completely without an internet connection. This allows you to design even large photo book projects over a long time - all the updates are being stored locally on your computer and you'll still have a digital copy of the book in 10 years!

The perfect gift: a mini photo book for any occasion!

The mini photo book is simply the ideal gift since it fits in every pouch! It is also that perfect little thing when you don't want to show up empty-handed but an expensive present is not appropriate. It is the best choice for the following occasions:

  • a friend's birthday, for example, with snapshots taken together
  • as a reminder of the kindergarten time for a freshmore
  • Valentine's Day with the most beautiful common memories
  • as a gift for the best man after the wedding
  • to baptism with adorable childhood memories
  • a book with family portraits as a gift for your toddler
  • voucher booklet for quality time together, either on Valentine's Day, Christmas, birthday or even on Mother's Day

Our tip

A small photo book is suitable for so many occasions. But it doesn't always have to be in landscape format. You hit the trend with our Snapshot photo book - it offers space for typical Instagram photos and shows off your best posts perfectly on 22 pages in 15 x 15 cm size. Check our selection of square photo books and further products in the trendy format, starting from nostalgic retro prints up to various wall art options.

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  • The photo book you have chosen is currently only available in the Pixum Photoworld Software. Please create this photo book on your PC/Mac or select one of our other formats.

    Online Designer

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    • create directly online
    • no installation required