Holiday equals fun, no matter what!

Holiday equals fun, no matter what!

  • inspiring travel gifts ideas - things to do with your holiday photos
  • photo gifts with summer vibes
  • free book templates & much more!
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Unique travel gifts for the family & for yourself!

Follow the Sun with Your Pixum Photo Book

Pixum Photo Book (landscape)

Pixum Photo Book (landscape)

The perfect book format to fit all your beautiful holiday memories, either portraits, detail shots or panoramic photography.

Design yours from ¤ 11,95

Tips for Your Travel Photo Book

Check out our design tips to make your next photo book look extra professional.

Custom Travel Journal

Design a notepad to use as your personal travel journal. 100% true to your taste, 100% you!

Free Travel Book Templates

Template for a Landscape Album

Love being in the nature surrounded by magnificent mountains and serenity of the deep blue sky? Load the free book templates to simply add your unique holiday snapshots! A travel gift 100% true to your taste.

Sunshine for Your Walls

Pixum Canvas Print

Pixum Canvas Print

Transport the holiday feeling right to your home with an all-time classic, a canvas print. The ultimate choice for wall art by the great masters Gainsborough, Turner and Constable. Browse your photo gallery to find the perfect photo for this unique travel gift printed in large.

Get yours from ¤ 19,99

Photo Collage with Holiday Pictures

Got several photos of unique holiday impressions and looking for a product to showcase them? Find out how to create a photo collage and get new personalized Wall Art for your room.

Poster Prints for Your Walls

Love to change around your room decor? Print your best travel shot as a photo poster! Be bold and design several posters to arrange these into a picture wall or pick a large print to WOW your guests. Choose the perfect size form the great variety of formats available.

Pixum Squares: Flexibility is the Key

Thanks to the revolutionary new magnetic wall hangers, you can easily rearrange your Pixum Squares to a new composition, add new pieces or move the whole set to a different spot on the wall. No drilling necessary!

Our Customers' Favourite: Acrylic Print

Printed directly onto the acrylic glass surface, your picture add this little modern elegant touch to your living room. Stunning colours and noble glossy surface for Wall Art to wow! And it's even suitable for the outdoor usage.

How to Arrange a Picture Wall

Using a Picture Ledge

Find out in this video how to create the perfect picture wall with just a few simple steps. The lightweight picture ledges give you the flexibility to easily rearrange the composition to match your current mood.

Wall Gallery: Like a Pro

Learn how to arrange a professionally-looking picture wall with just a little prep work. Making a sketch of your future wall art composition and using our tips help you to get a professional look on your home interior.

Print Your Summer Snaps: Quick & Easy

Vibrant Summer Colours

Vibrant Summer Colours

Love bringing home postcards from your holiday? Why not use your own summer photos, print them and send them to your loved ones - that's a truly unique travel gift! Upload your favourite pictures at Pixum to get high-quality photo prints with vivid colours. The perfect way to share your memories! Prints are also the best choice for any DIY project with your family.

From ¤ 0,17 per print

Small Gift with a Great Impact

Design vintage-style prints with your best holiday snaps! Add a personal caption on each print and express your feelings about the spot that's on the picture. These small travel gifts are a great alternative to holiday postcards, too. Especially when forgot to buy some.

Custom Size Prints

Printing your photos with Pixum, you can be sure that your photos will not be altered in size. Panoramic photos will keep every detail, and square-sized Instagram shots will be printed square, too.

Free-Standing Acrylic Print

A modern alternative to framed photos on your desk is our free-standing acrylic print. A great gift for grandparents! A matching stand is included in the delivery. A travel gift that will inspire you.

Other Ways To Hold Onto Your Summer Memories

Start Your Day with a Holiday Feeling
  • photo mugs with coloured inside
  • modern designs available
  • a great gift for someone who's travelling a lot - for them to always have a piece of their home at hand
Photo Magnets for the Fridge & Co.

Square or heart-shaped, our photo magnets printed with your photos are perfect to add a personal touch to your fridge. Available in sets of 10.

Photo Calendar with Your Top Travel Desitnations
  • various sizes available
  • flexible starting month
  • pick a calendar with a dedicated layout and make a birthday calendar
  • a travel gift for your top 13 holiday shots
Photo Display (large)

The popular square photo display is now also available in the larger size, 21×21 cm. Decorate your (home) office desk with a new collection of your summer photos.

Phone Case with Your Best Snap

A high-quality phone case does not only protect your smartphone, but is also perfect for displaying your favourite photos. Customise it with your favourite summer pictures.

Pixum Photo Book - Browsing through your holiday memories...

Pixum Photo Book - Browsing through your holiday memories...

Create a photo album with the most beautiful moments of your journey! Find our design tips and ideas as well as professionally created book templates for photo books that inspire your family & friends to go on holiday again.

Pixum Wall Art - Holiday feeling for your home...

Pixum Wall Art - Holiday feeling for your home...

Photography tells stories about your experiences in other countries and cultures - be it a photo poster, a canvas print or a framed print. It's the ultimate wall decoration for the living room, the hallway or the (home) office. Treat yourself to some new Pixum Wall Art that is guaranteed to be your new source of inspiration.

Printed memories from all over the world never fade ...

Printed memories from all over the world never fade ...

Activate your wanderlust browsing through your best travel memories. Print your recent holiday photos and share those relaxing vibes with your loved ones. Here is a tip from professionals: try larger print sizes - you'll be surprised by the power of your shots!

Pixum Phone Case - inspiration for your everyday adventures ...

Pixum Phone Case - inspiration for your everyday adventures ...

You most have gigabytes of holiday memories on your phone, but don't want them to be forgotten? Print your favourite summer photos on your phone case to keep those lovely memories. Customise your phone with a new phone case. What do you need for that? A bit of creativity and a few great holiday photos!

Unlock Your Creativity with Pixum!

Jigsaw Photo Puzzle
Jigsaw Photo Puzzle

Order a custom photo puzzle for more quality time with the family! It will definitely help you boost your family team spirit.

Photo Prints - Fit for DIY
Photo Prints - Fit for DIY

Order your Photo Prints online - the best quality for your best memories with a 100-year colour guarantee!

Faber-Castell Pencil Box
Faber-Castell Pencil Box

Unlock your hidden creativity with a personalized pencil box from Faber-Castell! Design a box of 12 Colour Grip colour pencils or a tin of 24 Goldfaber Aqua watercolour pencils.

Discover our Photo Books
Discover our Photo Books

Enjoy award-winning quality with a wide range of sizes - design Photo Books in vibrant colours and premium materials!

Train Your Brain with a Photo Memory Game
Train Your Brain with a Photo Memory Game

It'll become your most favourite board game - 25 pairs of cards, each pair printed with your uploaded photo. How soon will you find a match?

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