Custom size photo prints

Ordering with Pixum, which photo sizes do I get?

Pixum prints your pictures in flexible sizes, meaning that the main criteria of how large will the photo print be is its pixel size. You always select the short side of your new photo prints (either 9cm, 10cm, 11cm, 13cm, 15 cm, 20cm or 30cm); the long side will be adjusted according to the aspect ratio of the image file - to ensure that your photo is printed exactly as you have taken it.

To get the exact measurements of your print, you can use our Size Calculator below. Enter the shorter side first, then the longer side - the pixel amount of your photo define the dimensions of the future print. Choose the preferred size, and we will then calculate the exact size that your photo will turn out to be when you receive it.

Where do I find the pixel size of the image?

Right-click on the selected image file and select "Details" or Information" to view the size in pixels. Here is a simple thing to know:

  • most DIGITAL CAMERAS shoot in 3:4 which results in prints shorter than the classic frame of 10×15 cm (these print will rather be 10×13 cm)
  • photos taken with a MOBILE CAMERA would turn much longer - it will have approximately the shape of your phone (rather slim photo prints)
  • having received photos from a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER, you can pretty much be sure to have got the classical size of 2:3 and will receive prints that will perfectly fit the regular photo frames available in any shop

More about our custom size photo prints

How can I order photos locked in 2:3 sizes? (e.g. 10×15 cm)

Both the Pixum Photo World software for desktop computer and the mobile Pixum app offer the option to print photos in locked classic sizes (e.g.m 10×15 cm). You can also utilize a photo editing software you are used to working with to cut the photos to the desired size. Simply upload the photos to Pixum and order these with just a few clicks.

Why are the prints not precisely 10x15 cm?

The manufacturing process uses inches to measure the print sizes. Adjusted to centimetres, the print sizes are not always precisely as ordered - e.g. 10×15 cm - but rather 10.16×15.2 cm. This is a regular practice in the photo printing service, the vast majority of frame manufactures use this system, too. This is why the prints perfectly fit into the frames and only very few of us notice this curious fact.