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Our card sizes

The cards come in a set of 10 including envelopes (no envelopes included with our size S folding cards).

Postcards that are ordered through the homepage or through the Pixum Photo Book software, will only be available in a set of 10. Individual postcards can be ordered via the Pixum Postcard App and the Pixum Photo Book App. By ordering through the Apps, you will have the opportunity of designing the backside of your postcard individually and also addressing it to whomever you wish to have it sent out to instantly.

Our greeting card paper

Our envelopes for greeting cards

  • White envelopes

    White envelopes

    Envelopes are included with our folding cards from size M upwards, with our classic greeting cards and with the photo cards.
  • Coloured envelopes

    Coloured envelopes

    Would you like to send your greeting cards in coloured envelopes? Then just choose one of our colour options (dark blue, light blue, cream, pink, and red)*.

    Coloured envelopes are available for the following greeting cards:

    • Folding cards M long fold
    • Folding cards L long fold
    • Folding cards L short fold
*An additional fee for the coloured envelopes will be charged with folding cards size M and size L.

Design creative, high quality greeting cards with the Pixum Photo Book software

Discover lots of different designs, cliparts and creative extras for your personally designed greeting cards.

Design your postcards on the go

Send your friends and family a personalised postcard with the Pixum Photo Book App

Ideas and inspiration on how to design your greeting cards

Use up to 7 photos on one Greeting Card

With the Pixum Photo Book Software you have the possibility of using up to 7 photos on one greeting card thanks to the different layout options.

Pixum Idea


Menus and Place Cards

Accompany your dinner event with matching place cards and menus by using your own photos.

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Create and design your custom greeting cards for any occasion

At Pixum you can choose from a number of high quality greeting cards and postcards, different layouts and designs. Take your photos and customise your wedding and birthday invitations, or a lovely Thank You Card any way you wish. Either choose one of our many layout options or design them from scratch. The Pixum Greeting Cards are available as folding cards and postcards and can be ordered in several different sizes and formats. Also profit from the various ordering options in our Pixum Photo Book Software, the Pixum Online Designer and our Pixum Photo Book App.

We offer a large variety of high quality photo greeting cards in the Pixum Photo Word Software

The folding greeting cards are available in 300 g/m² standard paper or in 350 g/m² premium paper and all include envelopes. Furthermore, you will have the choice between a matte and a glossy option, if you choose our standard paper for your personalised photo greeting card. With the photo postcards, we offer a third option with our glossy 270 g/m² standard paper. To mark the occasion, we provide folding greeting cards in S and XXL, which are great options for place cards or dinner menus at weddings or any other special events that require an exceptional solution.

Choose your ideal method of ordering our custom Photo Greeting Cards

With just one click, you can order your greeting cards via our homepage, the Pixum Photo Book App or our Pixum Photo World Software. The Pixum Photo World Software offers you a wide range of paper types and card sizes. A special highlight is our vario set option, which offers you the possibility of designing every single card in a set of 10 individually. This way, you can easily design greeting cards for different occasions, or Christmas Cards for every single one of your friends and family.