Personalised Christmas Cards with photos

Designing your own christmas cards is easy and fun with Pixum! Create your custom-made Christmas Cards 2023 now. Our set of 10 is perfect to let your friends and family know, that you are thinking of them.

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Design your Christmas Cards online

Designing your own Christmas cards with Pixum
Personalised Christmas Cards

Designing your own Christmas cards with Pixum

Whether you want to send funny cards or traditional cards - designing your own Christmas cards with Pixum is easy and fun! Choose the card type of your choice and use a predefined design or create festive Christmas cards with an individual design. Your cards will be delivered to you in a set of 10.

Do you want to send original Christmas cards with a lot of attention to detail? Then use our Photo World Software to create individual and personal Christmas greetings for your loved ones. With the software you can design every card individually and send personalised Christmas cards with photo to every single family member and friend.

Our selection of custom cards and designs

Our selection of custom cards and designs

You have a choice of three different types for our custom Christmas cards:

  • Photo Cards (set of 10) - can be printed on both sides with pictures & text
  • Foldes Cards (seit of 10) - can be personalised on the inside and outside
  • Postcards (set of 10) - your choise of picture on the front and space on the back for the stamp, address & text

You can also choose between different sizes and glossy or matt Christmas cards in portrait, landscape and square format. Our folded cards even have room for up to four photos!

Our various Christmas card designs have predifined spaces for one picture or several pictures - this makes designing your own Christmas card very easy. Have fun!

Professional Christmas cards for companies

Professional Christmas cards for companies

The Pixum custom Christmas cards are perfect as business Christmas cards including matching images and business logo. As the cards come in a set of 10, you can send them as a thank you to your colleagues or business partners. Just choose an appropiate design for your personalised Christmas card, upload your logo instead of a photo - or both.

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