• 5 mm thick weather resistant hard foam print
  • lightweight - suitable for thin walls
  • matt surface and vivid colours

Pixum Forex Print

The Forex Print is a very light-weight yet durable wall print, which lets your favourite picture stand out. Printed via UV direct printing, our foam boards are weather-resistant and can be used for the outdoors.

Curious? - Find out more about Pixum Forex Print!

Find out in this short video what makes the Pixum Forex Prints to a perfect Wall Art.

What is so special about Forex Prints?

Find out in this short video what makes the Pixum Forex Prints to a perfect Wall Art.

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Pixum Forex Prints

FAQ - Most common questions >>>

  • What is Forex?
    What is Forex?

    A Forex Photo Print is also often described as a "PVC panel with a protective UV film". Your photo is printed with a UV direct printing technique on a 5 mm thick PVC hard foam sheet, which is very lightweight and thanks to its robust surface, particularly suitable for "problematic walls" as well as the outdoor area - and at the same time for a very affordable price.

  • How long does it take till I receive my Forex Print?
    How long does it take till I receive my Forex Print?

    From the design of your new Pixum Wall Print to delivery, it usually takes only five business days - so you don't have to wait long for the new piece of art for your home.

  • How does the image get onto a foam board print?
    How does the image get onto a foam board print?

    At Pixum, your Forex Print will be manufactured with the high-quality UV direct printing technique. This modern process is used to apply the ink directly onto the material. Once dried, the print is permanently waterproof and light fast.

Get inspired!

Photo Collage

  • select as many photos as you wish
  • use pre-designed layouts so save time

Wall Art Material & Product Details

Forex Print: as light as a feather

Got a difficult wall that carries only a low weight decorations, or looking for a Wall Art that is weather- and UV-resistant for outdoor use? The Forex Print meets a wide range of requirecomposition of your Pixum Wall Art.

The advantages of forex

  • light, but stable sheet: even large Forex Prints have a low weight - particularly suitable for difficult walls or as a safe variant for the kids' room.
  • durable: PVC rigid foam board is known as a particularly durable material - enjoy your Forex Print for a very long time
  • wide range of sizes: from 20×20 cm up to 150×100 cm
  • weather-resistant:due to the direct printing process, the print is perfect for the outdoor usage

High-quality look

Custom design: create Wall Art true to your taste and get it printed in the best possible quality. The smooth surface of the forex board is matt and UV-resistant, - all that for a very reasonable price.

Modern look: thanks to its silk matt surface, the Forex Print is also popular among companies for presentations and at trade fairs.

Form stability: the 5 mm thick matt hard foam board does not warp, even with larger formats.

Wall hangers

Since Forex is a material that is easy to work with and has only a low weight, you can choose from a variety of wall hangers:

  • Screw system: the Forex Print is mounted through four holes that are pre-drilled in the wall painting, so that the picture "floats" about 2 cm away from the wall
  • Clamping system: simply set the clamps onto the wall and slide your Wall Art into the groove on the clamping pieces. The print also hangs at a wall distance of 2 cm
  • Rail system: the rail system is pre-mounted on the back of your picture so that you can hang it directly at a distance of approx. 1 cm from the wall. The railing system is then not visible to the viewer. This mounting kit is available in two sizes: a total of 4 rails for larger print and one single rail for smaller prints. The size of the rail strongly depends on the format and the weight of the print - our manufacturing team in the lab makes sure you get the matching one for your new Wall Art.

Your advantages with Pixum

  • UV-direct print: this modern printing technique allows to evenly apply the colours onto the surface. Once dry, the print stays perfectly vivid and bright. It is also weather- and UV-resistant. The white background allows the colours shine
  • ideal price-performance ratio: compared to an Aluminium or Gallery Print, you can get your photo printed on Forex at a very low price
  • speedy delivery: your Forex Print is on the way to your home in only 3-4 business days

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