Marketing cooperations and on-pack promotions

Pixum has years long and varied experience in marketing cooperations. Our existing partners include major well-known brands and companies, as well as numerous smaller partners. More info on why it would pay off to make a cooperation with us.

Attractive and loved incentives

With a large number of personalized photo products in our assortment we have the opportunity to provide your customers and yourselves with attractive incentives for on-pack promotions or other cooperations. Whether its a voucher for a Pixum Photo Book, Pixum wall art or any of our other products - we are open to all ideas. Please get in contact with us to discuss any ideas you have.

It won't cost you a thing

Unlike most marketing-cooperation and on-pack promotion specialized agencies, Pixum mostly operate through a trade basis.

Satisfied customers - High quality products

Customers are guaranteed satisfaction when buying from Pixum. We have been a certified online shop with "money-back" guarantee for many years with Trusted Shops. Additionally we encrypt all data and all customer sensitive information remains confidential at all times. This is regularly confirmed with security checks by specialized third-party companies.

For us it is important that we guarantee our customers the best. That's why our competent customer support is accessible through as many channels as possible (email and mobile app) almost around the clock. Through our continued quality checks we can ensure that the product meets the high expectations our customers have.

And the best part: We can deliver as early as 48 hours after ordering.

Pixum is international

Pixum is operational in more than 20 European countries and offer our services in English, French, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and German. No matter what country your brand is active we always satisfy your customers and you

Big brands trust Pixum

Pixum have several years of experience in marketing cooperations. Several hundred partners from our many well known brands confirm this. Amongst others are:


Just send us your ideas without any obligations. We will get back to you shortly and together work out a successfull cooperation. We look forward to your inquiry!

Contact info

Thomas Köller

Tel.: 02236 886-312

Find us here

Pixum - Diginet GmbH & Co. KG
Industriestr. 161 - 50999 Cologne - D

Are you looking for a competent partner for on-pack promotions, sponsorship, sweepstakes or other online or offline cooperations? Then you've come to the right place

Who is Pixum?

How to use the Pixum logo

You are free to place the logo on a surface in various ways but it is important that you maintain the protected area.

Protected area

This protected area is the minimum distance that you have to keep between the Pixum logo and other elements (e.g. other logos, graphics, the border of a page etc.). The diameter of the Pixum sun "W" is used to calculate the protected area which is 0,25 W from the outer edges of the logo.

Those imaginary lines protect the effect of the logo from any potential impairment.

Minimal size

The size of the logo depends on the area where it is used. However, it is important to keep the proportion of the logo whenever it is adapted. You have to use its original condition meaning you are neither allowed to space it, nor to compress or to stretch it.

It is essential that you always observe the minimum width of 18 mm (printed use) and 80 px (web use) in order to ensure that the logo can be read clearly.

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