Picture hanging kit that suits your Wall Art
Picture hanging kit that suits your Wall Art

Design high-quality wall prints and order it with a matching mounting kit directly online!

Design Wall Art with Hanging Kit

Picture hanging kits: an overview of the available options

Looking for a new Wall Art printed with your own photo? Pixum is the right place to make one! Here, you can unleash your creativity and design a real eye-catcher for your living room! There is something that sometimes gets forgotten: a proper hanging kit for the new artwork. But not with Pixum! Choosing the wall hangers is an essential step of the designing process and here is a quick guide for you to choose a matching kit. Be sure that your wall print hangs stable and safe where you have fixed it!

Think in advance and make sure that your wall picture remains stable and safe where you have fixed it. And the best thing about it - you can order the matching picture hanging kit directly from us! Choose the kit that suits your wall art best according to its weight and the overall look. To help you find your way around a bit better and choose the best option, we will explain the available hanging kits in this article.

Watch our short video tutorials on the available mounting kits: check the overall look of the kits and find out how to mount your new Wall Art. Find all 4 video tips on the available kits on our YouTube channel: Pixum United Kingdom.

Short Videos

Watch our short video tutorials on the available mounting kits: check the overall look of the kits and find out how to mount your new Wall Art. Find all 4 video tips on the available kits on our YouTube channel: Pixum United Kingdom.

Here is how you add a matching hanging kit to your Pixum Wall Art

Some of our wall pictures - like the Canvas Prints - already arrive with a mounting kit per default. When making different kinds of Wall Art, you have the choice between several options, which can already be added in the designing process. This works a little different with every order, but is very easy. Here is how you add a picture hanging kit:

1. The mobile Pixum app

The Pixum Squares and the Canvas Prints will be delivered with a matching kit included, so you don't have to worry about making a choice

2. In the Pixum Photo World Software

After having selected the material & size you get to the design area. The category "wall brackets" is in the menu on the left side of the editor and shows you all available kits.

3. Directly in the Online Designer

First, start the configurator and upload the desired photo. Now, set the product features and also the wall mount in the menu on the right. In the preview you can see immediately how your wall picture will look after printing! You can now adjust the colours of the image if you wish to - just like you might already be used to when editing your Pixum Photo Books or other photo products!

Pixum Wall Art: Do I necessarily need a hanging kit?

Wall Mounting Kit for Pixum Wood Print

The advantage of ordering a picture hanging kit is obvious: it provides a secure hold of your unique artwork. But it is also not always strictly necessary: for prints in smaller sizes or made of certain materials, Forex Print or Acrylic Print for example, you can easily do without it. In our overview, you can find out more tips on when you should add wall brackets when designing your Wall Art and when it works without any.

This is when no wall brackets are necessary:

  • some Pixum murals such as Photo Posters and Framed Prints are generally delivered without any hanging kit, as no supplementary fixing kit is required for these materials
  • for the Wood Prints and the Gallery Prints, you don't have to choose an extra mounting bracket either - but that's because these wall pictures have their own wall brackets which are pre-mounted to the print in the manufacturing lab. The suitable hanging kit is, therefore, usually already included in the price for these materials
  • there is also an option to add no mounting kit to your Wall Art if you wish. Please only choose this option if you already know how you want to mount the picture on the wall without your own Pixum mounting kit - this might be a picture ledge or simply the modern placing of the print on the floor
  • .

Here is when you need a mounting kit

  • Heavy prints in large sizes normally require a professionally manufactured hanging kit. In case you make a wall mount by yourself or order one online, we cannot guarantee that it will be able to hold the weight of the mural
  • the chosen material also plays a big role: canvas prints and posters are light, but a photo printed on acrylic glass weighs a bit more
Material Format Price Design directly online
Canvas Print 40x60 cm starting at 49,99¤  Create a Canvas Print now »
Gallery Print 20x30 cm starting at 39,99¤  Create a Gallery Print now »
Acrylic Print 20x30 cm starting at 23,99¤  Create a Acrylic Print now »
Forex Print 40x60 cm starting at 33,99¤  Create a Forex Print now »

Available Picture Hanging Kits

Here are the hanging kits you can order at Pixum:

Railing System: the invisible support in the background

The railing system adds your pictures a professional gallery-like character. It consists of a rectangular metallic frame that is smaller than the picture and is fixed to the back of the print and is, therefore, not visible when the print is hanging on the wall. Since the rails rest on the surface, there is a distance of about 10 mm between the print and the wall. This creates a light shadow, which makes your Pixum photo product even more dynamic and interesting to the viewer.

The rail system is already pre-assembled and mounted in the printing lab, so you can hang up your picture immediately after you've got the parcel! Pixum Wall Art with railing system should ideally be fixed to the wall with two screws, hooks or nails or with a suitable rail or ledge. Check all the details in our video tutorial how to do it exactly.

The screw system: a sophisticated mounting kit

The Pixum screw system looks particularly elegant. The picture is mounted on the wall with the help of four screws that are visible from the front. This creates an approximately 2 cm deep gap between the print and the wall, which makes the picture look as if it were floating. Watch our short video for a better idea of the screw system.

To make sure your picture is being mounted as accurately as possible, Pixum drills the corresponding holes in the print already during the manufacturing process. Thanks to the possibility to fix the print on 4 points, the screw system is suitable for large and heavy wall prints!

To mount your Pixum mural with screw system at home, you will also need the drill. The four required screws and dowels are already included in the delivery.

The clamping system: the smart option

  • no pre-drilled holes in the mural
  • supports even a heavy wall print
  • available for all Pixum Wall Art printed on sturdy materials
  • 20 mm gap to the wall
  • the mounting kit visible from the front

You like the look of the screw system, but you don't want to drill any holes in your print? The clamping system gives you this flexibility! You simply mount the kit onto the wall and slide your print between the mounted pieces.

Place the four spacers at any position of the image border. They provide a 2 cm large gap from the wall. This hollow space creates an interesting shadow look that makes your Pixum wall print look three-dimensional. Find out in our video tutorial how to do it exactly.

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