For your personalised jewellery rack, you will need:

  • 1 photo canvas (45×30 cm) with your choice of image - if you don't have an image, check out the Pixum Gallery
  • 2 lace ribbons co-ordinated to your canvas print
  • 4 pushpins
  • Jewellery

How it's done:

  1. Order a photo canvas with your choice of picture. A good option is the 45×30cm canvas print. You can also use one of the recipient's favourite photos. Wildlife or architecture shots are ideal for more arty types.
  2. You can get started as soon as your canvas picture arrives. Cut 3-4 ribbons, adjusting them to the size of the canvas. For a canvas print measuring 45×30cm, the ribbons should be at least 35cm in length.
  3. Now, place the drawing pins to find the best position. As you already know which jewellery you which to hang up, you can vary the position of the pins.
  4. Now push the drawing pins into the border on the back of the canvas photo. Affix to it the end of a lace ribbon using a drawing pin on the wooden, rear side of the frame.
  5. Stretch the ribbons along the front of the canvas and fix it in place with other drawing pins.
  6. Repeat the same process with the other lace ribbons.
  7. Jewellery can now be hung on the ribbons.
  8. Your personal jewellery rack is ready to use!

We hope you enjoy getting creative!