Photo calendar types: The Pixum calendar formats overview

With Pixum photo calendars you always have the month or the year available to view at a glance. However, which format is correct for which situation? The following overview shows you which variants are available:

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The Pixum calendar types: Desk calendar, kitchen calendar and wall calendars

Would you rather use your photo calendar on the table or mount it on the wall? Choose from these calendar types:

  • Wall calendar: Wall calendars feature mainly spiral binding and can be suspended on the wall by means of an eyelet. Folding calendars are folded out once hung and thus offer twice as much space for the calendar or your photos when compared to a normal wall calendar.
  • Kitchen calendar: The kitchen calendar is also a type of wall calendar. It is narrower and offers a comparatively small amount of space for your photos, although in return the calendar allows more space for notes.
  • Desk calendar: Table calendars have a really small format. As an upright calendar it does not take up much space on the table. Alternatively you can go for a table appointment calendar, which lies flat on the table.
  • Year planner:The photo annual calendar displays an entire year on a large A3 calendar.

The calendar formats: Large and small solutions

Pixum also offers a broad selection with regard to size. To be specific, the following formats are available:

  • A4
  • A3
  • 14 × 14 cm
  • 13 × 29,7 cm
  • 29,7 × 10 cm

In addition to this, with many calendar formats you can choose whether you want to use them in landscape or portrait format.

Pixum tip

The right calendar type is available for every situation - simply decide on the suitable calendar type for the respective occasion. If you really want to show off your photos and the calendar is only of secondary importance then the classic wall calendar is the right choice. The yearly planner is suitable for office use and for family planning in the kitchen.

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