Never forget a birthday again: Make a birthday calendar with Pixum

It's so easy to forget a birthday - and sending belated best wishes can be so embarrassing. With a birthday calendar this won't happen to you any more, as you will always have the birthdays of relatives, friends and colleagues in sight.

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Perpetual calendar = several years of use

Calendars have a major disadvantage: Because the distribution of the weekdays over the dates of the month varies from year to year, it is already out of date after just a year. For a birthday calendar this is impractical, for this is something you could feasibly use for years without any problems.

For this reason, the Photo World software gives you the chance to design your photo calendar as an eternal calendar. This does away with the allocation of dates within the month to specific days of the week, meaning that the calendar can be used on a long-term basis. You can use it for several years without any problem. In our tips you can read how to create an perpetual calendar.

Theme ideas and topics for your birthday calendar

If you would like to give your birthday calendar a little more pizzazz, then give one of these ideas a try:

  • Collage:Fill the individual monthly pages with photos of birthday boys and girls. If they know one another you can photograph them together or simply create a collage of individual photos.
  • Birthday snaps: Upload a photo of the respective birthday boy or girl for each birthday. This will then be displayed beside the corresponding date in the calendar. You can find out how this works in the article on birthdays with photos.
  • Decoration: You can spruce up the calendar with decorative materials to match the respective month at a later stage, for example with a dried out autumn leaf in September or blades of grass in June.

Tragen Sie gleich jetzt alle Geburtstage von Freunden und Verwandten zusammen und verewigen Sie sie in einem Pixum Geburtstagskalender - Sie werden staunen, wie einfach es funktioniert!

Tips, tricks and help

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