Selecting a theme for small photo calendars

A large format A3 or even A2 calendar will not always fit on a wall in your kitchen or hallway ? and even if it will: sometimes a smaller, subtler format from the Pixum photo calendar range is still be more suitable choice. Here you can read up on which themes are best suited for a calendar and how you can make the perfect choice.

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When making that initial selection: think about the resolution

Even with smaller photo calendar formats, do not underestimate the importance of a good print resolution? in most cases, each image should be at least 300ppi. But don?t worry: in both the Pixum Photo World software as well as in the Photo Book app and the Online Editor, a warning triangle appears if the resolution of an image is too low.

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In the case of photo calendars that are intended or can only be looked at from a distance, photos with a slightly lower resolution (e.g. 150ppi) will still often appear clear and sharp. For images that are also or are mainly to be viewed close up, high resolutions from 300ppi are recommended.

The devil is in the detail: avoid overloading your shots

The smaller an image, the more difficult it is to see details and subtleties. For this reason you should try to select an image in which the subject matter can be seen clearly and precisely and avoid photos that are overly busy. For example, shots in which there is a clear distinction between the foreground, the middleground and background, on account of high depth-of-field, are particularly well suited for small photo calendars.

Also well suited, for example, are photos that you have captured using the photo sharing app Instagram: these images are ultimately shot with a view to being displayed on a small interface anyway ? your smartphone screen ? and generally in square format, which makes their inclusion in a Pixum photo calendar particularly simple.

Here Is How You Order Your Photo Product with Pixum

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