Make your Photo Calendar
Make your Photo Calendar

Design a custom photo calendar to let your photography inspire you throughout the whole year!

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How to choose a topic or subject for your photo calendar

Using the Pixum Online Editor, you can design a photo calendar all by yourself, in just a few steps. However, to make sure it is not just a loose collection of random photos, but rather a compilation of coherent shots, you can give your calendar a topic or theme.

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Topic ideas for your calendar

On which topic would you like your photo calendar to focus? Draw some inspiration from our ideas:

  • Holiday photos: Snaps from your last holiday can bring memories of sunny days on the beach back to life all year round.
  • Your child growing up: Document your child's development in your calendar (e.g. a photo or a collage for each year of their life).
  • Valentine's Day/Anniversary:Compile romantic photos of you and your partner.
  • Garden: Showcase your garden throughout the course of the year, with Winter photos in December and January, Easter photos in March and holiday photos in the Summer.
  • Song lyrics: Print your favourite song lyrics over the individual photos. You can also store a link to the corresponding song on YouTube using a QR code.
  • Products: If you want to hang the calendar in your workplace, have it printed with the products that your employer manufactures.

The theme that is most suitable for your Pixum Photo Calendar of course depends on the intended recipient. Keen gardeners will be thrilled with photos of rare flowers, while petrol-heads will be more taken with stylish racers.

Designing a photo calendar: All-round perfect design

In order that the theme runs though your calendar like a common thread, you can use one of the themed designs offered by Pixum. With these designs you can emphasize the selected theme and create the perfect context in which to display your photos.

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You can also design the cover page to match your main theme, in order to make your photo calendar a well-rounded finished product.

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