The perfect number of images
The perfect number of images

Is there an ideal number of photos in a photo book? Do too many photos make it overloaded or do too few make the pages of the photo book seem empty? We've got the answers for you!

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Discover the Pixum Photo Book

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How many images should be used in a photo book?

When designing your Pixum Photo Book, you might be wondering if there is a perfect number of photos to be used in the project. How many snaps should there be at least and how many would be too much?

There is no general answer to these questions - the perfect amount depends on several factors. Go on reading to find out the most important points to consider when making your choice.

How many snaps shall I use in my photo book?

Take your time while choosing the images

The number of photos depends on the number of pages, the page layout and of course your personal taste. Here are our best practices for the page design:

  • Less is often more: Sort out the images you are not completely happy with before starting with the design process.
  • Quality over quantity: One well-shot picture of a beach sunset will be more impressive on a photo book page than two smaller photos of the same scene placed near each other.
  • Focus on what's important: If you have a key theme for the project, it should not be overlaid by other images. Otherwise, the essential content might be overlooked.
  • Using several photos per page makes sense for group shots with your best friends, or when it comes to displaying an object from different angles. You can also split a single image into a photo collage to give it a dynamic look. Simply double-click the image while working in the Photo World software and create a photo collage with only one click.
  • Get more inspiration: Have a look at other customers' photo book projects to get a good impression of how different photo books can look like.

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Try the Photo Book assistant

The Pixum Photo Book assistant can help you with the above questions. It is a part of the Photo World software and you may run it after having selected format and paper of your photo book.

The assistant gives you advice on how many photos can be placed on a single page and how many snaps you need at least for the entire photo book. You are free to accept it's suggestions, but you can also edit the project individually afterwards so that you always have the complete freedom of choice.

Perfect number of photos in a Pixum Photo Book

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