Import your posted images from Facebook and Google+

Not every picture can be easily accessed on the go or is stored on your own computer. To use images that are only available online for example, on Facebook, for a high-quality Pixum Photo Book, the Pixum Photo World software offers an option for external photo sources.

How it works

Add Facebook images to your photo book

When designing a photo book on an Android device, simply log in to Google Photos, Dropbox and Amazon Cloud Drive to load the images for your future photo book. The iOS version lets you log in to Amazon Cloud Drive and Dropbox as well, directly in the design process. When working with the Pixum Photo World on your computer, get an access to your Google+ and Facebook snaps via "Settings" > "Photo sources". Select the corresponding source under "Photos & Videos" to get started with the photo book draft. After logging in on Facebook, for example, simply select the photos from the album list and integrate into the existing layout. The import function is particularly useful on the go: After all, memory space is limited to smartphones and tablet PCs.

With access to images from the cloud you have more free space for music, videos and other files, so you can create a Pixum Photo Book with your favorite pictures even without getting an access to a desktop computer.

Warning sign for images with low resolution

An image to be printed has higher resolution requirements (see D > "DPI") than one that is only displayed on a regular monitor: A photo that appears sharp enough in the online draft might therefore, in the worst case, lose its high-quality presentation in the printed album.

This is why our design platfomrs (the Photo World Software, the online designer and the apps) have a built-in image resolution check:

  • If it is too low for the selected photo book format or the chosen image section, there appears a warning sign.
  • If the warning triangle indicates an image imported from Facebook, the original resolution may have been lost due to file compression.
  • To make sure, your photo book is perfect, kindly use the original file instead or reduce the image size on this very album page.
  • If a large number of photos is being reported as not suitable for printing, switching to a smaller photo book size might make sense: for example from the Pixum Photo Book large in A4 to the smaller one in A5.

Create a photo book with your snaps from Facebook & Co.

Don't leave your pictures forgotten on external online platforms! With Pixum you can easily import them into your photo book and always have them at hand.

Useful tips

  • To import the images, you will need to Log-in to the relevant platform.
  • Only your own pictures can be imported from Facebook; public pictures or pictures of friends have to be be downloaded manually beforehand.
  • Facebook allows to use up to 25 images from Facebook galleries .
  • If an image is present both in a Facebook album and locally on the device, the locally stored image should be used due to the possible compression on the Facebook pages. Especially with large format printing, otherwise the print quality may be impaired.

Design a photo book with your online pictures in the software >>

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