Pixum Photo Book designed as a voucher booklet
Pixum Photo Book designed as a voucher booklet

Treat your loved ones with a speical gift - time! Create an inspiring voucher collection, as exclusive as you are!

Design your own voucher booklet with Pixum

Leisure vouchers, love vouchers and other quality time ideas in one place and 100% customized? Indeed, it does exist! Surprise your partner with a personalized voucher booklet that you create yourself with your most beautiful photos and matching captions. The Pixum Photo Book in a small size is just perfect for this. A wonderful personalised photo gift for the Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and anniversary!

A highly creative personalised photo gift
Desing a custom voucher booklet with your own photos

A highly creative personalised photo gift

A custom photo book lets you easily combine custom created vouchers to a wonderful photo collection and a source of inspiration for years. Arrange your favourite photos and suggestions for some quality time together. The value of each voucher does not matter at all! It can either be a hint on where a diamond ring has been hidden (if you are up to something big), a picknick in the park around the corner or a film night together


A voucher booklet works best in a small format, so you can take it with yourself on a holiday, too. The mini landscape format with 15×11 cm, which is similar in size to normal photo prints, is most suitable for this. Our small square photo book with 14x13 cm is also perfect . Be bold and combine it with compliments or express something you always wanted to say - and order a larger size (Pixum Photo Book Square) which is also available on our mobile Pixum app.

Design Your Voucher Booklet Online

Make your own voucher collection online

Make your own voucher collection online

Choose the Pixum online editor if you don't have much time for the creative part and want to a simple and clean design. This is how it goes:

  1. open the Pixum Online Editor and select the preferred photo book size, paper and binding
  2. upload the matching photos. Simply drag & drop the images to arrange these on the photo book pages
  3. use the Pixum Photo Book Assistant Tool to professionally design your voucher booklet in just a few simple steps. Select the photos, give your booklet a title and choose a background colour
  4. we recommend adding your photos on the left-hand single page as an illustration and a textbox to describe your quality time suggestion on the left-hand page
  5. if you would like to arrange several pictures on one page, simply switch to a different layout via the layout button on the left section of the editor
  6. in case you're not sure about the gift voucher ideas, simply left the corresponding page empty - you can write it on the page afterwards, too
  7. in case you wish to make your voucher booklet even more eye-catching, edit your pictures, e.g. by changing the brightness, contrast or colouring

Pixum tip

Use a layout for panoramic snaps that leaves a strip free at the bottom and/or top. Use the free space to add the text for the voucher.

Get Creative with Our Free Photo Book Book Maker

Design it with our photo book maker
Design a Voucher Booklet

Design it with our photo book maker

Create the voucher booklet using the Pixum Photo World Software, to express your unique ideas..

Start the software to choose between the different photo book options. Again, you can use the Pixum Photo Book assistant, which automatically arranges your photos and suggests a style and suitable layouts. You can also design your voucher booklet completely by yourself and thus edit each page true to your taste, whether it's a birthday, Christmas or a romantic present.

Design options to try

Design options to try

Here are a few ideas to start with:

  • creative and modern pre-designed styles
  • page layouts, also with integrated text areas for the voucher details
  • backgrounds suitable for every occasion
  • professionally designed stickers (cliparts) in more than 20 categories
  • masks and frames to personalize your photos and voucher booklet even more

Our Tip:Try various photo editing tools. Invert colours, combine several photos to a photo collage or simply adjust the brightness. Try it out - there's an "undo" button!

Inspiring Ideas for Your Voucher Booklet

A custom voucher booklet. Made by you

A custom voucher booklet. Made by you

Fill this voucher book with your unique ideas. You never know which voucher they will love most! Small vouchers for a cosy evening together will surely put a smile on the face of the recipient! Such a collection of highly personalised gift vouchers is the ultimate gift for your partner, your children, family, the best friend or a colleague.

Your own collection of gift vouchers

Your own collection of gift vouchers

  • Book a short trip to the seaside and fill the booklet with those wonderful shots from the weekend at the beach.
  • Create a voucher book with the simple pleasures of our daily life - empty the dishwasher the whole week long, or suggest a foot massage. And how about a five-star dinner prepared by you at home? A new creative gift idea each page - they'll be over the moon!
  • Looking for a personalized photo gift for an anniversary? Let the friends of our birthday girl / boy add their own activity ideas you all can take part in it and arrange these in a Pixum Photo Book. Your own photos will serve as illustrations.
  • Making a unique memory photo book for your family? Think of some options to spend quality time together. The family voucher book might be filled with game ideas for the kids, (regular) visits to the cinema, making DIY Christmas decorations or exploring the area around your home altogether.
  • You could also create a photo album from the personal records. Your year in review, a holiday album or a photo book telling the story of your family - and add some pastime ideas in-between to help you spend more time together
  • .
  • Make sure to add some personal words and love greetings to your voucher booklet. Of course, each redeemed voucher is already a wonderful gift, but some lovely captions will not spoil the broth. It might be a good idea to write a deadline for each voucher or activity to make sure it really happens despite the chaotic daily business.

Now, write down the voucher gift ideas you've already got. Take some time to brainstorm and pay attention to what the future recipient is longing for. Make sure to note spontaneous ideas, too! The order the vouchers appear in the booklet does not matter, but you might wish to add some structure to it, so a list of ideas might be very helpful. If you use the suggested layout (left page: photo, right page: the description), you'll need a total of 12 to 13 ideas to fill a book with 26 pages. Still reading this? Go get creative!

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Go get creative!

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