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Poster Print with Several Photos: A Photo Collage
Poster Print with Several Photos: A Photo Collage
  • brilliant colours printed on photo paper
  • more than 40 sizes available! From 20×20 cm up to 300×100 cm
  • UV-resistant quality for long-lasting colours
Go Get Creative

Photo collage: find a simple collage maker at Pixum

Looking forward to your new wall decoration for the living room, but can't decide which of your photos suits best? Here is a simple and quick solution to display several pictures on a single Photo Poster or a Canvas Print.

Use the Pixum editor as a photo collage maker! Pick several pictures, select the matching layout and here is it - your new artwork, hanging on the wall. Go on reading to find out the best practice of making a photo collage and other tips on creating an amazing Wall Art.

The Diversity of Wall Art Materials

Spoilt for choice: 8 materials and almost 50 formats

The choice of the perfect material & size depends on the idea of your photo project. For example, a Gallery Print (which is back for orders soon!), the highest-quality material we offer you at Pixum, is suitable for a luxurious wedding collage. You get an artwork with vivid colours and a special depth effect with a tendency to 3D.

For seasonal wall decoration, which is supposed to be changed throughout the year, the affordable Photo Poster is an excellent choice. Choose from classic 2:3 sizes to decorate your laptop or school notebook (just fix it with a pretty masking tape) up to epic panoramic sizes - starting from 20x20 cm up to 3 m wide panoramic sizes, which make an imposing impression in a minimalistic interior.

Decide, which of the 6 materials suits best >>>

Photo Poster
  • large photo printing up to 3m
  • 6 paper finishes to choose from
  • digital printing or photo paper
Canvas Print
  • genuine linen fabric
  • solid wood frame
  • timeless matt finish
Acrylic Print
  • durable 4 mm thick acrylic glass
  • glossy finish for vivid colours
  • high-quality direct UV print
Aluminium Print
  • sturdy 3mm alu-dibond sheet
  • silky matt surface
  • dynamic look
Gallery Print
  • acrylic sheet backed with aluminium plate
  • nearing a 3D feeling
  • high-end exhibition look
Forex Print
  • lightweight hard foam board
  • matt finish for no light reflexions
  • for a cosy & relaxed atmosphere

Sizes & prices

How Much Does My Wall Art Cost?

Use our price calculator to get the best price-performance ratio for your new Wall Art:

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    How To

    Here's how you make a photo collage

    1. first, open the Online Designer or the software and choose the size, orientation and material.
    2. now, select a matching layout with the corresponding amount of photo placeholders.
    3. add further image areas to the layout, if necessary.
    4. time to upload your photos!
    5. fill in the empty placeholders with your photos. Try out different combinations to find the perfect arrangement.
    6. to help you make your photo collage to a real artwork, the there is also a large selection of background colours. Make your collage in the free Pixum Photo World software if you are fond of pre-designed stickers (cliparts) and background patterns. You can also change the shape of the photos (e.g., to circles or ovals) in the "Masks & frames" section of the software.
    7. you can now edit the images and change them to black-and-white or simply adjust the brightness.
    8. add your collage into the shopping cart, and you're done!

    What's a layout?

    What is a photo collage? It's an arrangement of the pictures, of course! Put it differently: it's a layout! Depending on size and format, you can use a different number of photos and arrange them true to your taste.

    • first of all, you choose how many photos you want to use. Simply click on the tab "Layout": you'll find it both in the Pixum Photo World software or directly our Online Designer.
    • what matters now is the amount of the pictures you've selected, how large each photo should be and how you'd like them to be arranged - for example, with two images of the same size with a small gap between them, or a large photo as the background and several smaller ones placed on the right side above it.
    • you can also create your own layout: simply re-arrange the empty place holders, for example by making some of them smaller, moving them or adding new photo areas.
    • as soon as you have uploaded the photos, easily place them into the picture area by drag & drop.

    Trending Now: Insta-style Photo Collage

    Pick one of the pre-created layouts with either 9, 12, 15, 20 or 24 photos. Available as Photo Poster for the maximum flexibility one can get. Use it as Wall Art or decorate your laptop or college block with it - get creative! Choose one of the 3 sizes down below and load the editor

    Collage 40×40 cm

    a pre-set layout for 9 photos

    Collage 50×70

    a pre-designed layout for 12 pictures

    Collage 90×60

    layout for your best 24 snaps

    Tips on Editing a Photo Collage

    Photo collages with several pictures from the same topic or with the same subject have a superb effect: for example, wedding photographs or portraits from the photo studio. If you've got a number of photos of a different quality and shot at a different time, try the image editing to change them to sepia or make the colours look similar bright or faded. This way, you get a harmonic overall impression of the photo collage.

    Pixum tip

    • Give your photo collage a personal character by adding text: refine your images with a suitable quote or a dedication to someone you love.
    • Your photo collage is displayed in a horizontal format. By clicking on the button "portrait" in the upper left menu bar of the editor, you can change the orientation to the portrait format and back again.
    • And don't forget to add a background colour to enhance the colours on the images.

    Photo Collage Inspiration

    Inspiring tip: Your Holiday Impressions on a Photo Collage

    Remember all the photos of those challenging hikes that reward you at the end with the most beautiful view or the snapshots of your fellow travellers? It's time to display all these great memories in a Photo Collage! Pick the classical Canvas Print and place it in the hallway or living room. Share your holiday memories with guests!

    Pick a panoramic size to arrange a panoramic shot and a few snaps of the details above it on a photo collage. This helps you to get a full impression of the holiday.

    Of course, it's not all about holidays! There is plenty of funny photos from your everyday life in a shared house or from the recent family celebration. Snapshots of the kids visiting the Zoo or playing in the backyard are also perfect for a Photo Collage.

    Best Practice Tips

    Mixture of large photos with lots of details each
    • save time and use pre-set design templates, such as with the design Posters, to set a particular theme or to add a colourful background.
    • keep in mind where you want to mount the delivered Photo Collage in your house. Will it hang over the dining table? A landscape layout. would then be a better choice. This way, no parts of the picture will be cut off by furniture and each photo will get a nice display.
    • be sure to create a good versatile mixture of the different pictures. Use both images of the whole scenery and snapshots of some curious details. Otherwise, you would only pick one of photos, right?
    • pay attention to the effect of the photos among each other: photos with similar colours placed next to each other sometimes look monotonous, a photo collage of snaps with strong contrasting colours might look chaotic. The prefect mixture is the key.

    Pixum tip

    If you prefer taking photos of single details, creating a photo collage of many smaller pictures would be a good idea. Pick only a few photos and arrange these in large areas if you've got lanscape or panoramic photos of nature.

    Your Perfect Wall Decor

    Check our tips on organising a harmonic and modern wall art gallery in your living room. Be your own interior designer and decorate your walls 100% true to your taste!

    Pixum Squares

    Your best snaps in a trendy square size with the easiest wall-mounting kit ever. As versatile and unique as you are!

    Here Is How You Order Your Photo Product with Pixum

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